Anyone who knows our family knows we love to have fun, travel, give back, laugh and cook! In 2015 we started annual tradition to connect with our family online, year round during the Fall and Winter seasons especially through an online family food competition we now call #FamilyFoodWars. From our individual homes, we would create dishes to display online where other family members in their households can comment, share and vote on each dish. This competition has made us all feel a little more loved and connected, at a time when people are missing loved ones who often live far away, this is a great way to remain connected through food, share recipes and make wonderful memories. 

Family Food Wars isn't really a game, It's A Love Thang! What began as a way to share recipes that showcase our culinary skills while having fun with our far way, yet very close family members, has quickly become a hit with our friends and other extended family who have joined the games to spread more love and have fun!

Family Food Wars is about family, love, health, and competition (fun, lighthearted competition). The themes and seasons for the competition are posted on our social media accounts so be sure to follow up and subscribe to the "Nita Can Cook! You can too!" Youtube Channel to stay updated. 

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