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Season To Serve Catering brings the best refined global cuisine and classic soul food to your palate or special event. We create delicious and inspired dishes using only the freshest ingredients, emphasizing taste and exemplary style. Talk to us about your next event. We are here to cater to your every need, making every season of your life easier and more delicious all at once.

This is my season and it's my pleasure to serve you!


Chef Nita (Neat)


Our Founder & Chief Chef in Service


Juanita, affectionately known as "Nita"or"Neat", has cultivated a lifelong passion for food, family, and serving people. Juanita was born in Jersey City, but was raised in different parts of the country, picking up recipes as she went along the way, eventually making her way back to Atlanta. She's a true city girl with a Southern flair and her food taste just the same! To Juanita, food has always been much more than just a necessity, it’s about family and togetherness. Juanita has always had a natural talent for the culinary arts even as a young girl. 


When faced with trying times in her late childhood, Juanita began helping her mom to make meals stretch for herself and her siblings. It was those trials that grounded her in faith, teaching her how to cook and create decadent meals on a budget, leading her to exploring ingredients and dishes from around the world adding her own flare. Juanita masters each dish she attempts, perfecting them with her creativity, topping each off with her special seasoning,"love". This would eventually lead to some of her signature dishes, many of them a masterful blend of cuisines inspired from her experimentation of meals both during her hardships and blessed opportunity to travel the world with her Husband, Richard and their three children. Juanita has always maintained a high level of integrity for her craft with presentation being just as important as the ingredients. As you might often hear her say, " The key to good cooking, is a clean kitchen and appealing presentation. After all you do eat with your eyes first."

In her professional life, Juanita has built a career in the corporate sector perfecting her skills as an accounting specialist for over 30 years. Juanita has been preserving her passion and talent for culinary arts primarily for her family, a therapeutic outlet and a way of expressing herself. Her family & friends have recommended and tried to encourage her, for years, to open up a restaurant. With the uncertain times we are living in, Juanita felt it was time to share her passion with the world, it is her Season to Serve. 

"Cooking is one of my deepest passions, and nothing makes me happier than sharing it with family, friends and those less fortunate. Whether a heartwarming hot plate on Sunday, wedding, repass or other special event, it gives me great pleasure to serve and share my gift with the world through my delicious soul food fusion. Oh! And don't forget about my signature sweet potato pie! Although I take great pride in experimenting with different cuisines , the secret ingredient remains the same. THIS IS MY SEASON, and yours too!".


With LOVE, 


Chef Nita


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Catering & Events




Services offered include Pop-up Pick Up days through online ordering, Reserved Even Catering and Select Private Chef Clients.

If you don't have an upcoming event or resources to place an order for one of our delicious dishes, you can follow us on social media and subscribe to our youtube channel "Nita Can Cook! You Can Too" to learn to cook these same dishes and more right from the comfort of you own home. 



Private Event Catering


Pop-Up Pick Ups


Private Chef Services



Nita is always serving others, hence, Season to Serve! Nita has done numerous charity walks to raise funds for cancer research and helped raise several kids during times of needs. There is no such thing as not enough giving spirit in Nita and her catering service emodies this mission. From March of Dimes, to Susan G Coleman Breast Cancer; to Alzheimer's Walk, Nita is always thinking about the next non-profit to support!

Always Serving.

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